Modular DAWs

I recently came across those two announcements:

I only read those articles and looked at the pretty pictures, but haven't tried out any of those. But judging from that superficial glance, both these projects seem to move into the same direction as noisicaä. The Bitwig article also lists some more software with a similar approach. So it appears that my idea for a modular DAW isn't that unique, possibly rather old, and perhaps some recent trend thing (the last two aren't necessarily a contradiction).

I'm trying to pay not too much attention to other audio software, which includes not trying that stuff out myself. This is partly to keep myself in blissfully ignorant that what I'm doing has already been done before (and probably better), i.e. a waste of time. But also to keep a fresh perspective and possibly create something new, instead of just cloning what already exist - assuming that I actually have any new ideas, which is doubtful. And finally, if I'd get too much inspiration from other projects, I would just end up with an unmanageable pile of ideas of all those great things I should add to noisicaä, and would never get done. But I do keep a list of bookmarks of stuff that I find along the way, including related or similar software projects.

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