Sins of my Youth

I mentioned the Deluxe Music Construction Set before. I used that mostly to transcribe sheet music, which I found in the public library. Some classical pieces, e.g. - because that movie is awesome, and if I remember correctly some of the older Genesis songs. I can't remember if I actually tried to write my own music with it - whatever files I saved back then are gone forever.

But I also played around with "trackers" - I think it was mostly NoiseTracker and OctaMED. And strangely enough, even after ~25 years I still have those files sitting on my harddisk. And there's even software that can play them back or convert them to slightly more modern formats.

Just for the giggles, I uploaded some of those to SoundCloud:

I can't claim that my artistic skills have changed, let alone improved, in the meantime.

But I'm probably a better coder now.

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