noisicaä reloaded

So the last update was almost two years ago, both to this website and the code on GitHub1...

I can't really explain what happened. A lot of things did happen2, but nothing that would have stopped me from working on this project. In fact I did have a lot more time available for it. But somehow my mind drifted elsewhere and I filled it with other stuff. I did not intend to abandon noisicaä, but I also didn't find a proper place for it as I reshuffled by life.

Then about two month ago I suddenly decided to pick it up again. And because I discovered Nix in the meantime, I wanted to try that out as a build environment. And then Qt 6 has also been released, so I looked into upgrading to that. Which I didn't, because it's not yet supported by Nix3. But while I poked around the Qt website I did have a closer look at QML and discovered that QtWidgets is not yet deprecated, but mostly frozen and not the focus of further development. So I decided to give QML a try.

And while at it, I just threw out all the existing code and started from scratch with a slightly different plan...

I abandoned a lot of unnecessarily complex code and now try to force myself to "keep it simple." That means, e.g. to use more of the Qt framework instead of insisting to do it "my way."4

The overall scope is somewhat reduced (no plugins, no timeline, ...). I still want to have those features eventually, but I want to focus on a solid foundation first, before I branch out into feature creep again.

So here you go. All new, all fresh, with even less features than before.

  1. And if you go there now, you'll notice that I move the repo to my own Gitea instance. 

  2. I'm not talking about that thing that everybody else is talking about. 

  3. Still waiting for this PR

  4. I'm one of those persons who hate "frameworks", unless I wrote them myself. But apparently I became a bit more tolerant in this regard. 

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